Top 10 Handbag brands in India

The most quintessential thing a woman lusts for after apparel is your arm candy. Unlike apparel, it is both functional and fashionable. However, there is no definition to a perfect handbag or the best handbag.

Let us help you know more about your exceptional partner that can cling on to you taking you through the Top 10 handbag brands in India.

Each woman is different so are her choices. Choosing the best handbag is a task as every woman carries different things inside and it is as interesting as her, and to spoil you further you have local, international and many other famous brands to choose from.

Whilst picking the best handbag we have gone through selection criteria.


Good class material that is comfortableis included.


Different sizes gratifying every need is taken care of.


Design is another important factor and we have included unique designs that are as unique as your personality.


We have preferred the best arm candies that will last you longer than you think.


The most crucial factor that we have paid attention to are handbags that are functional and pocket-friendly at the same time.

Here is a quick comparison you can refer to.

Sr no Brands Size Color Compartments No of Pieces
1. Caprese 45x20x30 Almond 2 with 2 pockets 1
2. Butterfly 30x36x13 Beige,Orange 2 with 4 pockets Set of 2
3. Diana Korr 26x37x15 Red 2 with 2 pockets 1
4. Cathy London 20.5x29x11 Beige/Peach 1 with 4 pockets 1
5. Lacira 33x14x24 Gold tone 4 with 2 pockets Set of 4
6. Flying Berry 34x13x30 White 3 with 3 pockets Set of 3
7. Lavie 27x38x14 Ochre 2 with 5 pockets Set of 2
8. Caprese 34×13.5×22 Blush 3 with 3 pockets 1
9. Caprese 27x27x8 Emerald 1 with 3 pockets 1
10. Caprese 26x33x14 Peach 3 with 2 Pockets 1

Let us make a style statement, and glance at each one of them.

Caprese Almond Tote bag

This unique Almond shaded Tote gives you that edgy look along with carrying all your essentials.

To be adorned by today’s urban woman it comes with sleek cuts to suit any occasion.

The metallic logo plate features the branding furthermore adding to the look.

 While the studded look fits you the much-needed style.


It is a big sized bag to trap your daily essentials along with a few additional items.

The extended handles make it easy and convenient to carry.

Multiple compartments help with the effective organization of your stuff.


The color may make it look dirty quickly.

Shoving more items may make it a bit bulkier unsuitable to carry for a long time.

Butterflies Super Combo

Carry this Butterflies bag combo everywhere and let everyone notice you for your suave choice.

Who would say no, when you get 2 for the price of 1.

This is a Two-toned handbag that comes with a wallet combo.

Its modern look will undoubtedly catch your eye.

Guess what, it also comes at a very pocket-friendly price.


The best thing you get here is the combo of two.

It has a refined Two-toned look.

Space is another additional feature to allow you to carry all you want.


The material is too soft and you may have to dig in for your stuff.

Diana Korr Layla shoulder bag

Carry this arm candy to get the ultimate Vougish look. Team it up with your casual attire and be ready to get those unusual stares.

This handbag is all that a woman could ask for, with its stylish look and color it is one you will lust for.

The color being the highlight of this handbag, it is a unique item.


This reasonably sized bag will fit your daily essentials without being too big to carry.

The design is crafted to bring you International standards.

With 2 compartments and 5 pockets, it has good space to carry your essentials.


The short handles may not be comfortable for all to carry for a long time.

Cathy London   

With “Fashion without cruelty” as their motto, Cathy designs bags that are made from ecologically safe animal skin free materials.

This bag is a super combination of all bags in one, it is designed creatively to suit common style.

It comes with a detachable belt and a handheld belt.

The color combination used is one that is truly classy.


The material used assures the long life of the bag.

The durable inner lining material is not easy to wear and tear along with brass fitting buckles makes it durable and long lasting.

The detachable shoulder strap is adjustable with which you can carry the bag in 4 different ways. Tote bag, shoulder bag, Satchel bag, and Crossbody bag. Isn’t that a feather in your cap!


The size may be a bit smaller for full day usage.

It will be difficult to team the Bag with traditional outfits.


Gorgeous look and never out of style! Look uber stylish and trendy by wearing this handbag from Lacira.

Made from faux leather, this handbag is capacious and perfect for keeping your everyday essentials.

Make any simple apparel come alive and look stylish by pairing this shiny handbag.

The gold-toned look will take your heart away.


The best feature is the size of the bag as all the stuff can be well organized inside the 2 big compartments and a central zippered pocket.

The gold-toned look will brighten any of your looks.

You can carry it to your office, traveling or any of your outings.

It will best go with your traditional outfits as well.


The handbag can be a little too blingy for everyday use.

Flying Berry

This premium edition bag from Flying Berry is the best you can perceive.

Contemporary, classy and sophisticated this handbag set of 3 comprises of a handbag, a sling bag, and a wallet.

The white color and the pattern are awesome. This handbag goes well with all kinds of dresses, be it casual or formal.

The bag is made to withstand years of use.


You get a set of 3 at the price of one.

The 3 interior pockets help you organize your stuff.

The handbag can be used both formally and casually.


This new Lavie combo reminds you to never settle for less. Detachable and adjustable double sling belt is something that you can carry with style and comfort.

Who wouldn’t like it when it is accompanied with a matching stud embellished wallet?

The color is perfect to go with most of your outfits.

Metallic studs add to the overall look of the handbag.


The eye-catching Ochre color is the highlight of this handbag.

It has dual compartments with multiple pockets for better organization.

The detachable and adjustable sling belt is another pro.


The handbag can be quite uncomfortable to carry without the sling belt.

Caprese Porsche Tote Bag

This Tote handbag from Caprese is classy and can be termed as the most common one which is adopted widely.

It comes in a wide variety of color options to choose from.

This blush piece is certain to make you blush.


The material used is assured to overcome the wear and tear for a long time.

Adjustable and detachable sling belt helps you carry the bag in different ways.

This piece can be used as both a Tote and handy.


The size is a bit smaller for those carrying all essentials.

Caprese Crystal Peach Satchel

This Peach Satchel handbag from Caprese is crafted as a style testament to every woman who wishes to announce her arrival in life.

If you wish to make a statement then this Peachy affair is for you.

The metal logo branding is something you can show off.


This arm candy can be in your arms all day long day with no worry of discomfort.

A perfect size to carry all your essentials.


The peach color may not compliment all your outfits.

Caprese Brigette Satchel

Who doesn’t want to look unique? This handbag from Caprese is as unique as your personality.

You are unquestionably going to catch all the attention around you with this emerald-colored handbag.


The uniquely designed bag will truly bring out the Diva in you.

Top metal handles add look and style to the bag.

An adjustable sling belt makes it comfortable to carry.


Not very budget friendly

Let us get the top picks for you.

Budget Pick

Considering the budget and the overall functionality our pick would be the Lavie Ochre Combo.

The set comprises of a moderately spacious bag and a matching wallet at a very pocket- friendly price.

Popular choice

Caprese being a well-known handbag brand among the ladies, the Blush Caprese Tote will be our pick for the most popular choice.

Value for Money

The Lacira gold combo of 4 would be our pick under Value for money, the set has a Handbag, Sling bag, Cosmetic bag, and a clutch wallet. Good in appearance and quality and averagely priced, this is undoubtedly a value deal.

We are sure that you have now made your mind from the Top 10 Handbag brands in India, so go and get your arm candy and make a style statement.

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